Probux is scam

probux is scam
Review1:Probux is cam? Update 04/2013

1. The birth and development of Probux: Probux appeared on 28/08/2012, when emerging Probux be evaluated is a "tough" with the order to withdraw up to 5 USD.

In just over 6 months Probux took up the position 939 in the world on hits by Alexa. So today is Probux 2nd PTC site in the world, just affter Neobux, world class 102. Currently Probux still growing very fast, Probux can reach the world top 500 within 3 months.

2. Advantages of Probux: So what makes the success of Probux? Do Probux has following advantages:

- Probux is a registered company based in Brazil. Be registered with Trustwave (Probux is certified and the company is using the services of Trustwave SSL 256-bit) and TRUSTe (Probux confirm that commitment to comply with policies to protect the privacy of their own).

Probux is a registered company, has been registered in Trustwave and TRUSTe
- Probux with security technology SSL 256-bit encryption and server against DDOS attacks.
- Good support and public forums.
- High click prices, many regular advertisers for members. Ref click rate of high rent, no signs of interference. There are additional Task (Offer, Neobux Minijob similar) to help members make money faster.
- Run a separate source. There are many ideas that Probux modified from PTC GeN3 source, this source is good and a lot of PTC sites now use. Admin Probux entire Probux confirmed fully automatic design, though, we also see how the system runs smoothly and Probux stability since its establishment until now.
- There is no phenomenon of click fraud, late payments or accounts course absurd.
- Activity than 6 months, were eligible for a PTC site reputation.

All of which makes the investment in a professional Probux and reliable.

3. Probux and Onbux:

Onbux, a name that suggests many memories and frustration with those who participated in more than 2 years. When that appears, Onbux has been a phenomenon with the aforementioned advantages Probux and also reach position as Probux today. Established on 10/06/2010, works almost perfect in the next 6 months but last month to 01/2011 Onbux had the dubious expression and not unexpectedly, the official Onbux 2 months after scam and completely disappeared from the world PTC bring confidence and a lot of money to invest then the PTC.

Onbux lesson shows though how a reputable site will most likely still be on the scam. So when Probux appears and with his development, many people were skeptical this is the return of his old Onbux, and here's why:
- Former owner and current owner Probux Onbux are Brazilian.
- Both are 2 companies registered, such registration does not mean the company will not scam.
- Powered Onbux Probux have similarities.

However, all of the above reasons are just in disbelief that does not prove anything. And no matter what Probux concerned with Onbux old or not, nobody will know Probux scam or long-term activities such as Neobux.

4. The recent change of Probux: some notable changes to help you get better Probux.

- Some changes in policy Term of Services and with the kind of member.
- Percentage of clicks (AVG) of ref rent is reduced. This can be explained that currently there are many new members join and leave, but can not click because Probux began to intervene in a member not too many words.
- At the end of February early March: Paypal withdrawal fee increases of up to 7% - 9%, some trouble with Payza account.
- Task Prices paid for from high (higher than neobux) decreasing.
- 03/2013: Task in a limited number of members, it was suggested that the Task Probux only show with the members last 3 months, older members will not or very little Task.
- 07.03.2013: some accounts are not drawn to Paypal, so far has been overcome.
- 03/11/2013: Added feature to automatically take money from the account (Main Balance) if the rent account (Rental Balance) is not enough money in your trading.

Notice Probux will withdraw from your main account (blue line)

5. Probux is Scam ?

The answer is NOT. Probux current page is very prestigious and trusted. But nothing is guaranteed probux is scam will not in the future. Neobux Probux more profit means a higher risk. What we must do is to monitor and analyze in order to draw up the legs before the worst case happens.
- And if there Probux scam, they have adopted a very successful Ponzi scheme as Onbux, UpBux and other PTC sites have done in PTC scamlist

6. So what to do at this point?

- If you have invested and are willing to take the risk now is a good time to invest in Probux.I see Probux still works well for at least 3 months, so you can still keep up investment and profitability Probux.
- If you have not invested, Probux is still a good choice for you. With AVG ref's relatively high current, more task to make money, an ordinary member can quickly and make a profit to be hired ref. But not much, but is good for your experience with PTC sites later.
- If you still want to make sure they can wait 5 more months, when fully operational Probux have 1 year to invest. Most PTC sites are scam before 6 months or longer is almost 1 year, so we can take 1 year to mark the milestone trust entirely to a PTC website.

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    1. not paying anymore super scam forum not working

  2. Probux is even better than neobux.The referrals are more active and it`s a good start without the need to invest money in it.I won`t lie you that you will do nothing and just take money-this is not a get-rich scheme.After the first month in the site you will make above 10 cents daily,later a couple of bucks at least.
    Join me:

  3. Yes my brother. Probux is trustworld with over 3 milions members.

  4. I don't think its scam, I am old member on probux more than 1 year. I earned lot of money RR avg is very high

    1. Please join Probux by clicking my name here

  5. Bastards at probux, suspended my account after asking foe payment. First time asking for payment in 10 months. Fucking scammers!

  6. Hi Thuat,
    I am also been on PTC business for over 1 year and I realized that I only spent my time unpractical because it only earns me a cent. So I look for passive income online and discovered how to make decent cash on the internet.
    There are so many people who really don't know how to do it right that is why most of them failed.